I find it weird that Religion is one of those factors that people consider in finding their one true love. Yes, I admit that the topic in Religion is always a sensitive one, and wouldn’t it be great if we could practice it with our loved ones? But wouldn’t it be greater, to find someone who is different enough to compliment you?  To grow with you?

I am not saying, ditch what you believe in. Religion is a part of who we are. But I also believe that, it is not really about The Religion, but our relationship with God. It is all about, “Who we pray to” and “Who we believe in.” When you think about it, we do pray to the same Higher Being, right?

Marriage is a covenant between the couple and God. It is a triangle – with the couple holding hands and putting God in the center and above all things. It is all about LOVE. He loves us so much that He sent the perfect person for us. The person who will understand us, who will be there for us & who will stand by us, despite the difference.

Life, especially married life, might be a constant struggle. People might hurl hard and biting words to us – asking us, why choose someone outside our Religion, to say, “I do” to? Well, we did not choose the person. They are “God’s best” for us, He sent them our way, and our love was made perfect in His time. Just believe that, “God got your back.” 🙂