My husband and I always made it a point to spend a few hours everyday to bond. Few hours just for ourselves and talk about how our day went, our dreams, and of course, how we are looking forward for our first child.

Earlier was a bit different. He was able to tap into something, that I’ve never realized that I have been hiding, that I’ve been keeping all to myself – how I miss my mom and brother. I have always been concerned about him, missing his mom and siblings & never did I admit that I do miss mine, too. Somehow, I have managed to bury the feeling, by trying to focus on some other stuff… until he mentioned it. My tears fell as hard as the rain outside. I was overwhelmed with the emotions. I realized, I wanted to be strong. To look strong, and by trying to be that, I lied to myself and in turn, to him.

You see, being with God’s best for us, can do wonders. They know, even without you telling them, how you really feel. They will not judge you. They will hug you tight, when you feel that you are crumbling. Yes, it would be better if I was able to tell him before he felt it. But I  am so glad that he knows, even when I am lost for words.

By marrying, we become one. One’s problem becomes our own. One’s happiness becomes ours, too. Life will get busy, especially when the child is born, but it is important to have an “us time.” It is like going back to where it all began. Just the two of you. Remembering.