light1There are times when we feel that the pressure is too much – maybe at home, from our friends or at work, especially when people wants to be on top. There is nothing bad about wanting to excel, but things get bad when we use this determination, to pull others down. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just boost each other? Be happy with what they can accomplish?

Good people have their limits, too. Yes, they do not shout or get angry as easy as others do, but they feel these. They may have longer patience and buckets of understanding to give, but they are human and they break down…

When we feel that we’ve got too much, it might be a time for a breather. Breathe and just surrender. Pray and everything will be better. Then when you are well enough, stand up and show them what you’ve got. Do not let the bullies have the last say. Show them love and maybe, just maybe, they will be confused enough and will start reflecting. There’s no guarantee that they will treat us better, but at least we’ve shown them that life can be beautiful. If only we care enough.