There is always something to be thankful for – the sun that shines on our face, waking up next to the person we love, family, friends, work, the provisions and in general, LIFE. Sometimes, we get too busy with our everyday tasks, that we forget to stop and say, thanks. We get too wrapped up with the material things, that we forget what really matters.

Two years ago, me and my husband (my boyfriend then) started a “thank you box.” This is our version of the, “I am thankful for”  jar that circulates in the internet. We do not have a Thanksgiving holiday here, but who needs one, when we can be thankful everyday. We filled it with random notes and keepsakes from our dates. It was nice watching our little box fill up.

I made a similar box, this year, too. This time, it is for our wedding. We asked our guests to write us notes (if they’d be ok with it) and drop them there. The second box was not a “thank you box,” but it held things that will remind us of that wonderful Saturday afternoon. We know that there will come a time, in this marriage, that we would need something to take us back, back to that sweet moment and remind us how everything started.

We do not need to look far, for people or things to be thankful for. Sometimes, they or these things are at the tip of our nose. Being thankful isn’t limited to big things. We can and we should be thankful for small things, too.

Be content. Be happy.