I grew up in a country where it is acceptable to stay with your parents, as long as you want, and some, even after they got married. I admit that I had separation anxiety, a few weeks before I got married. I moved in with my husband and his family the night after, and it was ok, too. Staying with family has some advantages, but I was ecstatic when we moved out after three months.

It was scary at first. Neither my husband nor I have attempted to live on our own or stay in a boarding house when we were younger & this is a huge leap. But it helped me. I know it helped my husband, too. Leaving our comfort zones helped us grow. Together. Although we took charge of our household, (even when we stayed with his family) being on our own, made us feel more in control of the situation and how things should be done. It felt like, “Hey, there is only the two of us now & what we do today, will contribute to our baby’s development.” We know that our families got our back, but we cannot and must not always depend on them.

I am seeing my husband grow into his full potential – from being a pampered son, to a man – a husband and a future dad. Building our own nest helped me as well. It helped me reach out to my inner self and be a better person. The need to help run the household has made us more reliable. Yes, at times it is still scary, but we can do it. We can make it because we have each other and the third, but highest being in our covenant of marriage – the Lord.