Anyone who knows me personally, would know how much I love sweets. Having someone in the family with Diabetes, should have made me stop or controlled my intake. But I can’t. I get depressed whenever I try to control my intake, much more when I try quitting. Until I got pregnant…

These past few months, has been hard. It is a struggle to keep my sugar intake to a minimum, but I have to – for the sake of my husband and our baby. One of my fears, having to inject insulin, is staring at me too. My husband lovingly does this for me, especially during the first few months. I was scared. I still am. But it is something that needs to be done.

I have learned a lot during these past few months. I have started making changes in my food choices and (for most of the part) opt for the healthier ones. My husband is very supportive. He keeps me grounded but when I get the blues, he sometimes let me have sweets. Sweets, no matter how little, makes a huge difference in my mood. It makes me feel less deprived & very happy.

Most of the time, we succeed in controlling my blood glucose level. But I still crave. I am still a work in progress and I have a long way to go. But we know that we will be able to make it. With prayers and determination, we will overcome. Hopefully, my sugar levels will go back to normal after the baby is born. We are hoping. We are praying.