I grew up having a nanny to attend to my needs while my parents were at work. My mom does what she can to be a hands on parent, while having to work a 9 – 5 shift. I know it was hard, but it was something she does with all her heart, until now. And I love her for that. I remember the times when we stay up a little bit late just to finish school projects and such.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay at home & be a hands on parent and still being able contribute to the household. Nowadays, it is about two working parents who at times leave the kids to other people’s care. They sometimes get too caught up with work that they forget the “reason” why they work hard – their kids.

In a few weeks or so, I will give birth to our first child and being a hands on parent is what I wish to be. My husband and I recently attended a seminar where “HOPE” was featured. We joined the Hands on parent while earning network and received our toolkits. I find it very helpful, especially in making your household more organized. I learned that we can really juggle work and being a hands on parent. It is all about setting priorities, blocking off time in our schedule while leaving a room for minor adjustments.

I wish to share more of the program to you, but of course, nothing beats having to learn from the expert. For more information on the Hand on Parent while earning coaching programs, please click the links below:


Let us help in making a better world by breeding a generation that cares. ❤