Life can be busy & we forget to live. We get too busy hopping from one task to another, that we forget to see the things that matter. This is why it is important to rest. To just breathe and take it all in. Rest, forced or not, can be good for us. It is a time where we can be us, and think about things.

During the past few weeks, I’ve had a taste of what a stay at home wife, is all about. How a housewife’s life or at least what her daily schedule is like – well, not 100%, because I still need to slow down, but at least in a general aspect. Since I do not need to rush to work, I have more time in my hands. Perfect for meditating & reflecting.

Although I miss going out, I am thankful for the gift of time. The time to enable me to catch up with my reading, the paper works at home & of course, getting little things, organized. I am most thankful for the time my husband & I get to spend with each other, and the time we “bought” to keep our baby safely inside my tummy.  We are now approaching what our doctor calls, “safe time” for delivery and we know that the right time for our baby to come out, is fast approaching.

Rest, for me, does not mean we are not doing anything. It simply means, we are slowing down & doing more of the things we love. It is a time for release.