New year. New chapter. This feels like writing on a brand new notebook (don’t you just love the smell & texture of a new one?), or waking up to the warmth of the sun, with its promise of a brand new day.

I wanted to start this year with a clean slate and with that, I pray that I have completely forgiven those who have wronged me and my family & also those that made me entertain negative thoughts. Hopefully, others would have forgiven me as well. Hard but very important so everyone can heal.

I also want to start the year with a thankful heart. The past year came with its own challenges but despite those, there are far greater things to be thankful for. I am thankful for life love, health & happiness.

As we plan our activities for this year, let us remember to live. To make everyday, count. Touch people’s heart. Make people feel they are appreciated and loved. Do that one thing that you really wanted to do. Spend more time with your loved ones. Make it count. Make memories.

Blessed new year! ❤