… for the little one.

Our baby is barely 2 months old & he may not remember his first Christmas or new year’s Eve, & so, my hubby and I decided to make a memory book for him.

For this project, we used the notebook where I have written my notes from the parenting seminars & my birth plan.

Like in making a scrapbook, we included in the memory book the tags they used in the hospital & the stump from his belly button.

We also glued the gift tags & wrote  a brief description on who the sender was – his relationship w/ them & what they gave.

Most important of all, are the notes we asked our relatives to write. It will take years before he can read these on his own, but it just feels right to have them.

The project is simple & doesn’t costs much to make. 🙂 But surely, your little one will appreciate it. ❤