It has been morethan a month since I went back to work. Work has been fine & most people are warmer. I guess that’s the magic of having a newborn. 🙂

I am thankful that I have a job to come back to. I am thankful that I have an opportunity to experience being a working mom. But I wasn’t prepared of how overwhelming the feeling of leaving my little one, at home.

Weeks before my Maternity Leave ended, my husband pushed me to leave the house & have an alone time. It served two purposes: 1. That I can have a “feel” of how it was outside our home – I was ordered to have a complete bed rest, a month before giving birth & going out after, was out of the question. 2. So I can practice being away from our little one. It went fine. I enjoyed it. But going back to work was different though. This time, I cannot just pop out of the office & go home.

The first two weeks was hard specially because it was just my husband & I taking turns in taking care of our little one. He comes home, naps for a few minutes, I get ready for work. He takes care of our baby the whole day. I go home in the evening, rests for a bit, he gets ready for work & I take over taking care of our bundle of bliss. Despite having less sleep, the effort is worth it.

It was hard for me, last week, too. Yes, we found a nanny who will take care of him, every other day, which helps a lot, but I had trouble, trusting. Our part – time nanny is a mom & a grand mother, so our baby is in good hands. But still…

Have you experienced something like this? How did you deal with it?