My husband & I have this habit of saving or sending links of articles we want to show each other & last Wednesday, I reviewed mine. Aside from the usual stuff, one caught my eye. It was because, 1. I didn’t know that I need it, and, 2. I didn’t know that my husband noticed.

One of the greatest gift that we can give our spouse is to pray for them – for their safety, for their health and for what their heart needs or desires.

Being newly married and having a baby in the same year was overwhelming. Both is a gift and they come with their own responsibilities. I didn’t know that I was tired, until I saw the link.

Below is the text I copied from the post that he saved for me.


Prayer is a wonderful gift. It touches not only the areas that we need, but the areas that we might not know that we are experiencing. Praying isn’t always those loud, “Hey Lord, would you please…” It can be a soft whisper or a thought that we are sending  to God, for them.

Oh, prayer isn’t only a wonderful gift for the spouse… IT IS A WONDERFUL GIFT FOR EVERYONE.