“So that they learn to depend only on themselves.”

This was my Mom’s answer to the question, “Did you stay with them after she gave birth?” Usually, or at least I was told, the grandma of the newborn stays home w/the family, for a couple of months. This is to allow the new mom to recuperate & to teach the new parents, how to take care of the baby.

I was sad when no one stayed with us during those crucial months. During those first few weeks of having very little sleep. During those weeks when I was learning how to breastfeed & wonder, “why do the consultants say, ‘per session lasts only 15 mins each side & that the feedings have 2 – 3 hour gap.’ When me & our little one, only had 1-1.5 hour gap.

But now, as I look back… I was grateful for the experience. My husband & I were forced (sort of) to depend on each other & the experience became our special bond. It taught us to be each other’s strength. And gave us the opportunity to bond not only with each other, but with our little one.

And oh, we do not have a nanny or a house hold help, too, so I guess this is an extra ‘yippee yay!’

I am sure Mom constantly prayed for us, too. We wouldn’t have survived without it.