Today was one of those days when I just have to stay home. No, I didn’t have an earth shattering sickness. I was just feeling unwell. I felt drained.

This morning, my boys gave me the flowers shown in the picture. They found it while on their morning walk. I melted when my husband gave me the white ones & again when our little one gave me his gift. Then it hit me. I was with them because I wasn’t feeling well. I was able to smell the flowers because I was sick. I was the ‘left over’ of myself.

You see, the people who really matters deserve our best, not our left over. Yes, they are the reason why we work. But the tired us will not help in nourishing them, especially our little ones. Keep in mind that no matter how busy we get, our priorities should be God, our spouse, our kids & the rest. It should never be the other way around.