I’ve been bouncing all over during the first weeks of July, preparing for our son’s Baptism. I wanted it to be memorable, not only for our son but for our guests as well. 

My husband & I wanted to make a themed party for the reception & knowing me, I’d like to be the one who create the details. Only problem is that, my ideas & the outcome don’t usually match & a full blown party might be too big for an amateur like me. And so, we decided to just go for a dessert table.:)

I was busy cutting, drawing & putting stuff together but I didn’t feel tired. Even with very little sleep leading up to the event itself, I was fine. I have never felt that way. Umm ok maybe I did – during the week before the wedding & when I gave birth, but those are for another post.

I asked my husband why I never got tired during the preparation week. He said, the answer is simple, you were doing what you like & doing it for someone you love. And I realized yes, I should have started doing it long time ago. Yes, I may not be an expert yet but everyone should start somewhere right?