I am not a fan of Halloween because people always portray it as something creepy. And I was not the one who would take time to really dress for it…until this year. Well, sort of. 🙂

This was our Cherub Rock’s first Halloween & we wanted it to be memorable. We tried to make him wear a cute costume (a kalabasa) but since he’s not a fan of hats, he kept removing the stump. He was really cute in it though & we almost bought the costume (despite the fact that he might not be wearing the whole thing.) Good thing dear husband has tons of patience when it comes to shopping & so we were able to leave the kalabasa & find another one. 🙂 We knew we found the right one because 1. It doesn’t involve hats. 2. It is very cute and 3. He can use it even after Halloween & it would still be cute.

Our Cherub rock came in as a baby dinosaur. 🙂 We saw a shirt with “trick or treat” on it & leggings to go with it. Halloween can be cute.

It is just weird that people want it be spooky. People dress spooky & even the tv shows are scary. But when you think of it, we can dress as angels & other cute characters because after all, it is the eve of All Saint’s Day.