It has been a month since our family started a new chapter. A new story in a new home, a career move & who knows what else.
The past month has been crazy & I swear, I almost gave up. It felt like I was failing at being a wife, a mom & adulting in general. I know in my heart that I am strong & that I can cope. But still, I wanted to cry.
There were times when I asked Him, why did He let us pack our bags & move? Did we “bite” more than what we can chew? Why now? Why didn’t we wait for next year?
Despite these desperate cries, He calmly held me & said, ” My child, just trust me. Yes, your family made a big decision. But it was something I needed you to do. You & your husband needed it for you to be able to grow & reach your full potential. Just trust me, okay?”