A few weeks back, our one year old had fever. At first, we thought it was the usual fever that comes with teething. Until it reached 39 degrees, and he developed rashes.
We were doing our best to remain calm, but knowing me, I really can’t. He’s so small to be that hot & deep in my heart I know that something is wrong. One day turned in to two, three and suddenly the fever was gone! Yay! 
I guess I may have celebrated a little too much. The fever returned the next day & worse, he is limp. He could not stand on his crib. He whimpered. I saw tears. My heart was broken. I rushed him again to the E.R. and my fear was confirmed. The fever was not related to teething at all – he’s got Dengue!
Dengue! Our one year old had dengue! 😦

Symptoms of Dengue Fever includes severe high fever, severe headaches, severe joint and muscle pain, vomiting, skin rash that usually appears 2 – 5 days after the onset of fever and mild bleeding such as nose bleed, bleeding gums, or bruising.

As parents, we should stay calm but alert. We should do what we can to in cases like this, keep the fever down. But when you feel that there’s something more to the fever, don’t hesitate to ask and have them tested. Early detection is important. 
We should never underestimate the power of prayer & also the “smallness” of babies. Yes, they are fragile but they are resilient beings.