share_temporary The Love month marked our second anniversary as husband & wife. “Two” is such a small number compared to others’ decade old marriage. But at the same time, an achievement.
This year, my husband surprised me with our wedding video. Yes, I just learned that we have the copy, 2 years after. Hahaha we watched it with our son & his reaction was priceless! He cried 15 mins in the video, as if to ask, “where was I?” He also reacted to every familiar face. 🙂
It was nice to go back in time & be reminded of our vows & of the people who loves us. Love was what really bought everyone together in our wedding day. They’re love for us is so great that they were able to put all their differences aside & be one, even for a few hours.
Married life can sometimes be difficult especially when you and yours are physically tired. I learned that when we lack sleep, when we feel unwell, we become short tempered & thus making us the most undesirable version of us. But then again, during these moments, we should let love do its work. We need to give an extra dose of love when our better half is being unbearable. There can never be too much love.
Also, we should always pray for our spouse. Prayer is the greatest gift we can give them. What I do is that, aside from praying for his health & safety, I also pray that he will always be strong & happy. Strong to take on whatever life brings, but also with a happy heart. I also pray for what he is praying for. I do not always know what it is. I just pray for it.
Have you surprised your spouse lately? How did it go?