Exploration is important in a baby’s development. A bruise or a bump on their heads are sometimes necessary for them to understand why some things are forbidden.

Our 16 month old almost gave me a heart attack yesterday. We were playing when suddenly, he screamed. He placed his finger on the fan & yes, it was on! It has a cover & we always remind him not to touch. But then, curiosity was stronger yesterday & well, we’ll just have to charge it to experience.

Seems like he was also exploring, “moods.” There were times in the past when he would throw a tantrum or two, but yesterday was different. He had a total meltdown at the grocery, which was a first… And I hope, not of many. πŸ™‚

As I’ve said before, we are first time parents & we’re doing our best to use the positive discipline approach. For me, it is about limiting the “no” or “don’t” but at the same time, letting him know that something shouldn’t be done. A bit hard but I know that a long list of “no’s” wouldn’t help. It might be difficult & we might need lots of patience, but definitely worth a try.

This is why I would like to invite you to a seminar on Positive discipline. It will be held on April 22 & you can find the details & tickets here: Β http://www.handsonparentwhileearning.com/product/hope-summit-2017-couple/ref/25/


How do you discipline your child? I seriously need some advice. πŸ™‚ What do you do when they are having meltdowns?